What are the details for the next retreat(s)? 
We do not have any scheduled retreats. Please check back for our retreats for the Fall and Winter of 2015. 

Where are we going? How far is it? 
The retreats are hosted all across New England. Most recently in Cape Cod. 

Who else is coming on this retreat? 
Learn more here about the over 130+ individuals who have joined us during a retreat. 

Do I need to take a day off? What time do we get back?
No need to take a day off. We leave the evening on that Friday and arrive back in Greater Boston around early afternoon on that Sunday. 

How much does it cost? 
The total cost for the retreat is $200. This includes lodging, food and travel. 

I can't afford that. Can I still come?
We don't want anyone to be prevented from coming to any of these trips because of costs. We will be happy to work with you to figure something out. 

How many other people are coming? 
Around 10. 

I don't have a car. How do I get there? 
No worries. We'll make sure to pair you up with someone up who has a car. Just make sure to chip in for gas and provide some good conversation.  

What do we do when we get there? 
The weekends are intentionally unstructured, though here and there we include an ice breaker.  It is our philosophy the best way to network is to make friends. So we play a lot of games. Epics games that last into the morning, most recently poker, Risk and Sardines. We explore the beauty of New England. Once we accidentally hiked the highest peak in Vermont and it was amazing. We tour nearby attractions such as Ben & Jerry's and the Mayflower Brewery to learn about the local economy. Then we cook. A lot. And it's always delicious. 

What happens after the Retreat? 
You join a community of civically engaged, collaborative problem solvers who call Greater Boston home. We organize Reunions and Exchanges. That includes traveling to Chicago as friends, celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas with one another or starting a book club and a giving circle. 

I have more questions!
You can e-mail us at justin@ourcommonwealth.co