A Community

Social entrepreneurs. Community organizers. Educators. Technologists. Academics. Filmmakers. Fundraisers. Political staffers. Policy wonks. And so on. We are a community for the next generation of leadership in Greater Boston. 

We aspire to create a community that represents the extraordinary diversity of Boston. We believe social change is only accomplished when it is inclusive so we seek emerging leaders from a wide range of backgrounds. 

It is our belief we can accomplish tremendous things here if the right people know each other and if they build a relationship based first in friendship.

To achieve our mission, we organize weekend retreats to set this plan in motion. Stress free. No planning. Simple, uncomplicated fun. Wish us luck. 

We're inspired by groups such as StartingBloc, deceler8, Renaissance Weekend, ONEin3Camp Grounded and many others. 

Outdoor Activities

Home Cooked Meals

Lots of Games