Every OC'er attends a retreat. This is the shared experience that serves as the foundation for our community. It is however only the beginning and we maintain community by regularly organizing activities for members to learn, collaborate and have fun. We call these 'Reunions'. 

We have marched in rallies. We watched Shakespeare. Picked apples. Sang Karaoke. Organized discussions around manhood in society. We cooked on Thanksgiving and ate Chinese food on Christmas. There's even a book club and a giving circle.  

We do this because we like one another. We expect building such friendships will allow us to be even stronger allies now and down the road when we are in positions of influence. 

Our priority in 2015 is to pilot and formalize programs that prepare our community to best serve Greater Boston. Example: Exchanges where we travel to other cities as a group to share challenges and learn best practices in urban development. Stay tuned for other programs in the coming months.